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Plasterboard partition walls can be constructed in any residential, commercial or industrial building. By dividing larger areas into defined spaces, partition walls seamlessly transform your property into a functional space.

Whether you require new office partitions or need to add to an existing system, partition walls are a practical way to get more from your workspace. They also an efficient way transform a large commercial building into a number or smaller offices.

Partition walls are also an extremely effective way to minimise surrounding office noise, reduce distractions and increase privacy making them perfect for meeting rooms and conference spaces. They also help accommodate additional employees and increase productivity by providing staff personalised workspaces.

Steel Stud Plasterboard Partition Walls

Built in a similar fashion to traditional timber walls, we use a steel stud and track wall framing system that work easily in with steel stud ceiling systems, bulkheads, window and door jambs. All of our partition walls also comply with relevant building codes and can accommodate standard, fire rated and acoustic plasterboard requirements.

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